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Fishing on a yacht - Villa Relax, Thassos island, Greece

Fishing in Kallirachi Thassos, Greece

Many tourists come to village Kallirachi on Thassos island for fishing, because the waters of the Aegean Sea are very rich in fish. After all, fishing is both – fun, tourism and sports. You will get an unforgettable experience of sea fishing on the island of Thassos – because besides the excellent nibble, you can enjoy the beauty of the landscape and magnificent sunsets.
If you like fishing, you can take a boat and a fishing equipment and go for fishing. Or you can fish directly from the rocks.
I’ll take the lid off and tell you a few secrets of local fishermen to save you from disappointment when fishing and allow you to boast a rich catch in social networks. The best time for fishing is late evening, night or early morning. In cool and windy days, nibble will be better than in hot and windless. Well, and, perhaps, the last secret – if in one place there is no nibble for a long time, then it is better to move to another.
A large number of different fish, squid, octopus inhabit off the coast of Thassos island, and even if you are not a very experienced fisherman, you can easily catch them off the coast of the Thassos island. Murmura (striped seabream), sargos (sargo), lithrini (common pandora), faggri (red porgy), skathari (black seabream), kefalos (flathead grey mullet), tsipura (Gilt-head bream), colios (a type of mackerel), lutsos (barracuda), lavraki (european bass) – this is just a small list of fish species that can be caught with the fish-rod from a boat or directly from the shore.
Local fishermen often fish even without fish-rod. They throw into the sea a fishing line with a sinker and a pair of hooks, that is wrapped around a plastic reel. For the bait usually they use fish pieces, shrimp or clam.
Going fishing, do not forget to stock up on mosquito repellent so that nothing spoil the pleasure.
Come and visit us at Villa Relax, and we will gladly take you fishing by boat!

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