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Picturesque sandy shallow water Glastres beach (free of charge) with calm clear sea, Palio Tsifliki, Greece

Palio Tsifliki

Feel the Sea Villa is located in the picturesque village Palio Tsifliki (Palio Kavalas), Greece, on the crystal-clear coast of the Aegean Sea at the foot of Simbolo Mountain. Due to the location in the form of an amphitheater, here were formed a unique natural landscape and an especially soft microclimate. There are no storms and strong winds in this area, and the sea is always calm. Unlike the south of Greece, there is a lot of greenery here, and even in the midday heat you can always hide in the shade of the trees. Walking through the neighborhood, you can’t stop admiring olive gardens, vineyards, tangerine trees, cypress trees, eucalyptus trees, magnificent blooming roses; enjoying the fresh sea breeze, the smell of pines and the fragrance of flowers.
There are many very picturesque sandy beaches overlooking the small nearby uninhabited islands, the island of Thassos and Mount Athos. Here you will find lively beaches with bars and restaurants, and secluded quiet bays and coves, where you will be one-on-one with nature. You can watch dolphins in coastal waters.
The waters of the Aegean Sea are rich in fish, squid and octopus are found here, so if you like fishing, grab your fishing gear with you.
Palio is built up with private villas and low-rise houses. A snow-white church surrounded by pine trees rises in the center of the town. Nearby are taverns, cafeterias, bakeries, restaurants and snack bars, where always you can have a meal and relax.
The ancient city of Kavala is 10 km away, you can reach Kavala by bus or by taxi. The village Nea Iraklitsa and then Nea Peramos with restaurants, cafes, bars, supermarkets and fantastic beaches are at a distance of 5 km. At 15 km is the ancient city of Philippi, one of the most important historical landmarks of Greece and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Alistrati Cave with stalactites, stalagmites and a unique fauna is located 50 km from Palio. In 15 minutes by car you can reach the extraordinarily beautiful Ammolofi coast with sandy beaches and crystal-water sea. Alexander the Great Airport is 42 km away. Holy Mount Athos is removed 140 km away. The city of Thessaloniki is 150 km away.

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